Ensuring the safety of our guests and staff is our top priority.

Internal Protocol.

We have developed an internal protocol with all the recommendations established by the ICTE and HOSBEC, regarding gauges and hygienic sanitary measures.


All our teams have received certified training on the implementation, use and information to our guests of the security guidelines established in the reopening and continuity protocol.

Hygiene and safety:

All rooms are cleaned and disinfected daily.
All common areas are disinfected at least every two hours.
All our staff disinfect their uniformity daily and maintain strict hygiene guidelines.


At the access to all common areas there are alcoholic hydrogel dispensers available to our guests.


The capacity of the establishments has been reduced to the maximum capacity that guarantees the distancing measures while allowing you to enjoy a comfortable vacation.

Basic Rules for guests during their stay:

The use of a mask is mandatory in all areas of the hotel, except inside the pool. They must maintain, whenever possible, the interpersonal distance of 1.5 meters and follow the hygiene indications and established safety regulations. In the dining areas, bars and swimming pool, the tables and hammocks have been placed guaranteeing this distance so that they cannot move. If in doubt, contact the establishment's staff.

In access areas where queues can form, respect the ground clearance marks and wait for instructions from the staff. We appreciate your collaboration.

In some services, shifts may be established, to guarantee maximum capacity and the safety of our guests and staff.


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